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Synergy 2.0.4 Mac - Lag, and pasteboard keeps getting cleared


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I run Synergy on two Macs. A retina iMac and a Macbook Pro Late 2016.

On 2.0.3 I had all sorts of reconnection issues that went away by doing killall -9 synergy-service on the terminal on both machines.

On 2.0.4 it reconnects automatically but it lags. A lot.

Also, after a while it starts to completely randomly delete the pasteboard. I will be coding on the Macbook pro and if I copy and don't paste within a second or two, the paste doesn't work. I keep seeing the "pasting from (other machine)..." mac dialog show up on the machine I'm not even moving the mouse pointer to. On the machine I am actually working on, it keeps clearing it.

Random clearing of the pasteboard harms my productivity a lot more than needing to move my hands to the other keyboard.

These two 2.0.4 symptoms also go away if I killall on both machines, but only for a while. Leave them on long enough (my iMac never shuts down, my Macbook Pro travels back and forth) and it starts again.


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Xiaoping Zhang

Proved this is an existing but I was told this is impacting 1% of users. Anyhow, it is not that good for me: each time I copied a file in the server machine, the client machine hangs. I need another physical mouse to un-freeze it.

@Nick Bolton, would you mind forward me the refund link? I'd like to rollback to my 1.x version at least it works fine. Thanks.

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I have the same issue.  When im designing in Adobe illustrator and I try to copy and paste, illustrator freezes up for about 20 secs and I even get a popup on my other computer saying something about "pasting"

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