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Synergy keeps crashing after full system wipe and reinstall (Ubuntu 16.04)


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After I wiped my HD and reinstalled Synergy. Now synergy won't connect to other computers.

In my logs it's showing `

[ Core    ] [2018-01-10T14:28:03] DEBUG: opening configuration "/var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf"
[ Core    ] [2018-01-10T14:28:03] ERROR: cannot read configuration "/var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf": read error: line 23: duplicate screen name "zach-Linux"
[ Core    ] synergy-core: no configuration available`


I have tried to remove the duplicate computer in "/var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf" on my linux machine, and the synergy config on my win box. Synergy just re-added them when I restarted it.


My setup is one windows 7 machines, and 2 ubuntu 16.04 machines.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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