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Can't stack systems vertically


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Two dual monitor systems:


I have a Mac on the bottom and left as the host

I have a PC on the top and right as the client.

I want the mouse to travel from bottom Mac to top PC.

Vertically, it only works going up from the second monitor, but thats way off to the left, the two main monitors are right on top of each other vertically. It only works off the main display if I lay them out horizontally in Synergy 2.

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I just tried a stacked configuration this morning. So far it seems to be working fine.

Lenovo is a Win10(64) laptop connected by wireless

Jangalang is a Win10(64) desktop

Joiner-PC-1 is a Win7(32) desktop

Petersen is a Kubuntu 17.04(64) with dual monitors. Although the Synergy image looks the same, Petersen upper connection is the full width of both monitors together. So moving upward from anywhere on either Petersen monitor takes me to the much smaller Joiner-PC-1. Ditto the reverse.

Both rows interact both horizontally and vertically as do both columns. 


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  • Synergy Team
14 hours ago, nuner said:

Experiencing the same issue.  Have to mouse out left/right instead of top/bottom.  


Looks like they're overlapping. There could be a bug in the snapping code. Could you try moving them apart then re-joining them?

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