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Mac Keyboard on Windows Synergy Server with Mac Synergy client. Keys swapped in strange ways....

Andreas Sch

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Hi I just bought Synergy 2 and installed it in the following scenario:

Server: Windows 10 Desktop with Synergy 2.04
Client: Mac Book Pro with Synergy 2.04
Keyboard: Mac US International (need the apostrophes for german umlauts) connected to the Windows 10 Desktop

I use SharpKeys to swap the CMD and ALT keys, to have the same locations as on a Windows keyboard.
I created a .klc file by extracting a Mac Keyboard layout, converting it to a .klc and using it under windows, which works fine.

When the synergy client is active, I get correct characters printed in a text editor. But some are completely off. When I open the screen keyboard, I see the pressed keys. Even there the y & z are flipped. Also / and 7. And some more.

I also tried it with synergy 1.8.8 on both sides but to no avail.

To be sure it's not related to my key mapping I tried a US English mapping. There it works fine. Does this mean, synergy only interprets key codes, which seem to be located differently on windows and mac keyboards?

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