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Annoying issue with server swapping


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As I was unable to open a support ticket I thought I'd throw my issue in here.

I got myself a numpad to control OBS while gaming without having to swap over to the streaming computer with Symless.
However when it detects a local input it will switch which host is the server resulting in at shortest a 30 second delay before the service is restored to normal.

In my opinion the server selected should remain the server no matter the input detected on a client.

[ Service ] [2017-12-23T00:32:56] debug: local input detected, claiming this computer as server

For me it puts a serious dent in the usefulness of version 2 as it also relies on exiting my LAN to ensure that connections are made and only adds to the time spent waiting for the service to restore itself.

Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated as it is making me lean back to Synergy 1 and leaving version 2 behind.

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right now, and in synergy 1.0, there is one host and multiple clients.

maybe in 2.X they could add an option to have every computer connected to everything else as both client and server, or lock the server to a specific computer and have all client input still happen on the client(keys and stuff).

would this solve this problem?

we cant you really help you on the forums with this but maybe suggest this in the feature ideas subforum.


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I appreciate the reply however this goes against what the software should do.

If I define a server, no action on the client should elevate the client to server as the server should remain on the defined server.

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I know,

This is sort of what synergy 2 is designed for.

if you want an option to have this you can post it under feature requests ar contact symless directly. Although they are currently having a nice time with their family, they'll read it when they come back.

going back to synergy 1 would solve this for now, but I think this will be resolved later.

you can always ask for a refund.


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  • 1 month later...

Synergy have confirmed to me that the following features which I requested, will be in Synergy 2.1, which is due Q3 2018:

• share mouse only from this computer, whilst sharing keyboard only from other computer
• disable auto-share functionality

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