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Merry X-Mas everyone!!


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I dont think this is acceptable.

just wishing everyone a happy X-Mass?

how about you ask for a dollar from everyone, and remove the happy part?

they will receive the happy part someitme 2018.



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Just now, JorVe said:


I didn't wish them a happy Xmas.
Am i safe now?


aw crap man, I'm terrible at reading. @Nick Bolton is this troll cave worthy?

I mean a moderator in the troll cave, why not.

2 minutes ago, JorVe said:

Prettige Kerst kerel :)

 ah, I got you. you did wish me a happy Christmas, FREE of charge!!

I guess since there is so much competition I have to wish you the same now.

Happy Christmas to you.

too bad the snow came a bit too early for a white Christmas.

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Behave Jaap :P

Hmmm, that's actually the offer i used and it worked: License Synergy 2 Pro
So yeah.. Maybe someone should manage something there.

Or not....
For everyone that reads this, tell your friends, family, enemies, and whoever u wanna tell that the offer still works.. and you will get the PRO license for only 19 bucks.
Symless might not sent you an X-Mas mail next year but u saved some money on something useful!!



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