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Cursor transitions twice on Win10


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I've just upgraded my Client to Windows 10, and I am getting an error.  My Client laptop has a second monitor attached.  When my mouse moves from the client laptop screen to the client monitor it flips back to the laptop then back to the monitor.  This does not occur when I use the native laptop mouse - only with the shared mouse.

Specifically, as i continuously move my mouse right - my cursor moves from the laptop over to my monitor (which is correct), THEN it skips back left to my laptop and continues right to my monitor.  When I reverse this (move my mouse left continuously) the same thing happens - the cursor moves from the monitor to my laptop (which is correct), THEN skips back right to my monitor and continues left to my laptop.  All of this is on the client machine - the cursor transition from the server to the client works fine.

I did not have any issue on this setup when it was Win7.

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