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Installing Synergy the weird way on most linux distros without libraries issues


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Hello everyone,

I tried to install Synergy on a fresh Debian 9 install and it didn't work. There was libraries issues (libqt5quick5) and whatnot.
So I did what a every self-respecting linuxian should do; Run it in a Docker container. (Yep, it's possible.)

  - Git is installed
  - Docker is installed
  - Your (non-root!) user must have access to the Docker daemon (launch 'sudo usermod -aG docker your_user_name_here')

    1. Open a terminal as your (non-root!) user and type this.
    (The lines that starts with # are instruction you have to perform yourself manually)

git clone https://github.com/Nicnl/docker_symless_synergy
cd docker_symless_synergy

# Download the latest synergy deb and place it there
# Modify the "Dockerfile" file (line 6 and 7) and set the right filename (the filename already there might be outdated)

bash build.sh

    2. When (and if) it finishes building, it's done.


You should be able to start Synergy by typing this in a terminal:

docker start synergy


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