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Idle PC 40% cpu usage and 40% ram usage by Synergy


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This is NOT urgent, you do not have to priortize me in finding a solution, as I can just restart synergy. It is more to give information about an existing problem than me needing help.

My debian laptop is always running, and has not rebooted synergy in a long time. Today when I entered my room I heard the fans maxing out at moments. I checked what was running and Synergy-co+ was using 40% cpu (i7-620m) and 40% ram (of 8gb)

Time running: 1322:43
(I assume minute:seconds. I know seconds part is correct)


Like 4 hours ago synergy was working fine, I killed the windows service from my "host machine" regularly to disable games from alttabbing.
I do not know when this started to happen. Sometime when i was idling.

PC(Slave that is having the issue)
Debian 9 STRETCH
8gb (2x 4gb 1333 or 1000~mhz)
Intel i7 620m
Integrated GPU


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I have a similar issue with Synergy 2.0.3 in a Win 10 Pro 64-bit <> Win 10 Pro 64 bit configuration.  Whenever I leave the Synergy UI running on which ever machine happens to be the client.  It will sometimes find in excess to 500MB of memory in use.   Today it hit >1GB!  It does rise and fall over time, but never seems to get down to its initial startup size..

Restarting the UI reduces the memory utilization to 47MB, but it grows over time.  Fortunately, I really don't need to run the UI. 

I don't see excessive CPU utilization on the client,   

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