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Synergy 2 is a massive step back

Jay Little

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What happened here? I tried installing the latest stable build of synergy 2 on my Windows and Linux machines today and I ran into nothing but pain and suffering.  Ultimately I had to go back to Synergy 1.8.

Your new product is terrible.  It's beyond terrible.  It essentially sacrifices my privacy for the specter of "ease of use" but never actually delivers on the later.  In addition there are a wide variety of disturbing things in v2.  Apparently it has to communicate with servers in the cloud to do anything at all.  On top of that you couldn't even be bothered to issue real SSL certs to those servers.  Mind blowing.  Lets Encrypt offers real and free SSL certs.  Take advantage.

But honestly, I'm done.  I'm rolling back to 1.8 and I will be spending my time looking for an alternative to Synergy 2 rather than trying to make it work.  This release is nothing less than an outright epic fail and as a loyal customer for the last few years I won't tolerate it.

I hope others on this forum will join me in calling out Symless on this.  I know there are other threads, but lets come together and tell them in a unified way that this is completely unacceptable. I know they've committed to fixing some of the more glaring issues in 2.1 which is due in January but honestly I don't feel like it's going to be enough.  Forcing me to use cloud servers that use shoddy self signed SSL certs is beyond idiotic.  It demonstrates a core lack of understanding on the part of Symless.

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