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Adding Keyboard shortcut


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I just upgraded from Synergy 1.8.x to Synergy 2.0.2 and there is no option to modify keyboard shortcut. How can I add the keyboard shortcut in config file for using Keyboard and mouse between multiple computers (Windows and mac)?

Win: AppData\Local\Symless\Synergy\synergy.conf

Mac: Library/Synergy/synergy.conf

Can I something like below to "Section: options" to move between right and left screens? Is there a document which explains how to do that?

  keystroke(shift+ctrl+alt+right) = switchInDirection(right)
  keystroke(shift+ctrl+alt+left) = switchInDirection(left)

Appreciate any help,


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I'd love to know the answer to this too.  I'm still using 1.8 because of this.  In that version my key bindings work only in one direction.  They work when I'm focused on the machine that is borrowing my mouse and keyboard, and not on the server.  I tried for a bit and could not get it working both ways.

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I really miss this feature from Synergy 1, it would be a shame if I had to downgrade just for something this simple. Any update?

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