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Two Vertical, One horizontal. Synergy detects the lowest bottom of the screen, not the bottom of the monitor


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I attached a picture of my main computers layout. I have a laptop that connects, and i have the server setup so the main rig is above the laptop in synergy. If I align all of the bottoms of my monitors in windows 10 display settings, all of the bottom edges work. If I align them, in the way that I want, with the middle horizontal monitor centered to the vertical monitors, I only takes the monitors that are the lowest, so 2 and 3 since they are vertical. 

I did a bit of tinkering, and found if I lower 3 and raise 2, like a stair step, only the lowest monitors bottom reads, so 3 would work, and 1 and 2 wouldn't allow the transition to the laptop.

So is there any way for synergy to work with a non rectangular resolution and detect the actual edge of a monitor instead of the bottom most edge ?


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