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monitor power control in Synergy 2.0.2


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When using Synergy 1.8.7, the monitors on my servers would go into power save mode after some inactivity, as I expected.

Now that I've upgraded to Synergy 2.0.2, they don't enter power save mode. Is monitor power control known to be broken in 2.0.2? Is there some setting I should change to get it working again?

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This isn't across the board.

I run 2 Win 10, 1 Win 7 and 1 Ubuntu. They all close the monitor display in accordance with the OS settings.

what OS's do you use?

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The client is Windows 10 (version 1709, build 16299.64, 64-bit).  The servers are both Windows Server 2012 R2 (version 6.3, build 9600, 64-bit).  All of the machines are running Synergy 2.0.2, 64-bit.

The monitors on the client go to power save without a problem. Because of another bug, I'm unable to log into one of the two servers. Both servers do not turn of their monitors. The one server where I'm able to log in does not even hide its desktop -- it doesn't lock the workstation automatically after the configured time.

Before I upgraded to Synergey 2.0.2, I was running 1.8.7 and the desktops locked and the monitors powered off on the same configuration.


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