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Hey folks,

Is there any documentation on the config? Since there isn't any settings UI yet (hopefully coming in 2.1) I'm trying to set things up using the config files and I'm a little confused.

Questions I have:

  • Can I adjust the sensitivity on different devices? If I use a mouse natively on my laptop it's great, but if I use my desktop's mouse on my laptop it's too slow.
  • What does¬†relativeMouseMoves do?
  • What are all the halfduplex settings?
  • Why do we have to set the config file to read-only? (i.e. Why does the service overwrite the settings I've set?)
  • If I change the config on one it doesn't synchronize it with the other machine. I have to manually make the same changes and set the files read-only.

I guess to simplify my question: How do you properly configure things in synergy 2?

Both systems running Windows 10 and running synergy 2 (I think pro? Don't see any way to confirm that).

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I just also noticed that if I do apply my configurations and make the files read-only the computer that's sharing switches around, making the product completely unusable.

Almost every 5 minutes I have to go back into synergy and tell it I want to share from desktop to laptop. 5 minutes later it reverses and only allows sharing from laptop to PC, which I've never wanted and never configured. Why does it keep doing that?

Someone please help me resolve these issues. I can't continue to use a product like this that every 5 minutes requires reconfiguring and/or will overwrite my settings anyway. I've even bought the pro version but it still doesn't work well.

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