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antergos - unable to 'Sign in with Synergy'


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I've probably missed a million threads on this, however I am unable to sign in with synergy on my antergos machine.  It works perfectly fine on my ubuntu.

I installed using synergy2-bin on the AUR.

I am using Chromium Browser.


I have attached my log files, however I did come across this when following someones advice to Tail the logs.



I'm not aware of any firewall running on my machine (99% sure not). Both machines are connected via ethernet to the same router.

Happy to provide any other information as required.





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Realised i missed off exactly what was happening - when i click sign in on the antergos machine, it just logs me in, the app doesn't appear (visually) to recognise it, whereas when I did it on ubuntu machine, it recognised and connected.


Hopefully the logs assist in helping to figure out what's wrong.

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