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Synergy2 and rsyslog on Ubuntu


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Synergy2 seems to be misplacing its logs into /var/log/syslog and completely spamming it out, to the point of several mb of log file.. it's a continous spam as it tries to connect with multiple lines per second.. This makes the system log completely useless, and I have to terminate synergy to prevent that.. and then it won't be running when I actually need to control that machine.. voiding the point of having Synergy at all.


I have tried to prevent logging to syslog but the usual way I did that does not seem to work with Synergy (possibly because of the dash in the name synergy-service).

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? or the proper syntax to control "synergy-service" to rsyslog..


Thanks, and best regards

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It'd help if we knew what Linux variant you were running. Possible that the dash might be screwing things up but unlikely. Can you also post the line in syslog.conf that you're using to limit the logging?

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As stated in the title, Ubuntu..

it's a server running ubuntu 17.04, and I'm trying to add it like other services, with:

synergy-service.*                         /var/log/synergyTEST.log
& stop

Nov 19 07:47:33 wolf rsyslogd-2184: action 'synergy-service' treated as ':omusrmsg:synergy-service' - please use ':omusrmsg:synergy-service' syntax instead, 'synergy-service' will not be supported in the future [v8.16.0 try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2184 ]
Nov 19 07:47:33 wolf rsyslogd-3000: user name 'synergy-...' too long - ignored [v8.16.0]
Nov 19 07:47:33 wolf rsyslogd-2207: error during parsing file /etc/rsyslog.d/35-synergy.conf, on or before line 1: warnings occured in file '/etc/rsyslog.d/35-synergy.conf' around line1 [v8.16.0 try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2207 ]
Nov 19 07:47:33 wolf rsyslogd-3000: invalid character in selector line - ';template' expected [v8.16.0]
Nov 19 07:47:33 wolf rsyslogd-2207: error during parsing file /etc/rsyslog.d/35-synergy.conf, on or before line 1: errors occured in file '/etc/rsyslog.d/35-synergy.conf' around line 1 [v8.16.0 try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2207 ]


while instead if I try to remove the dash, just for a test, I get this error instead. (expected, as it doesn't exist):

Nov 19 07:53:15 wolf rsyslogd-3000: unknown facility name "synergyservice" [v8.16.0]


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Which probably it is the wrong way to try and do that.. it's just the only way I've ever had to deal with rsyslog, that's why I was asking if someone could help with the proper syntax for it, as I thought I was doing it wrong.


I mean.. basically the issue is "How do I stop Synergy2 from writing to syslog on Ubuntu?".


Thanks again!

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I think this is a legitimate bug. Dash doesn't work in some environment variables either (due to bash limitations) and I suspect that carried over to syslog/rsyslog. We might need to change that process name.

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