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Kelvin Tran

We're sorry you're dissatisfied with your purchase.

If you'd like to use your investment on another piece of software that would better increase your productivity, consider emailing [email protected] and they'll be happy to give you a refund.

You might also want to wait until Synergy 2.1 where your issue(s) with the Linux distribution might be solved.

On the other hand, what's your issue with the Linux package?

@jaap aarts, you might be of some assistance here.

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Ditto, what Mr. Tran said.

Synergy 2 has been working on my Kubuntu 17.04 since beta 4. And you'll find many others on the forum that have successful installs.

IMHO, if you are truly stymied, drop back to Version 1 until an update shows up that fits your systems. 

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