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Cursor Stuck on Client Screen

Matt Van Every

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Matt Van Every

This has happened to me several times in the past few days.  It's not the case where the cursor changes screens and disappears for a bit but has jumped the turnstile...it's stuck at the edge of the screen and will not jump anything, giving me controlled mouse usage on only one screen. 

Wouldn't be so alarmed....if the screen it was stuck on was the server!  But it's actually stuck on the client?  Go figure....

I am presently using a Mac server running all the latest and greatest, and a Windows 10 client, fully updated etc. 

It was like this for about 5 minutes while I frittered around trying to troubleshoot and avoid disconnecting Synergy altogether, and rebooting.  Then I decided to come here and so have typed this entire message on the client screen. During the course of typing the previous paragraph (single sentence only, semi-detailing my system) it suddenly began allowing me to access the screen once again.  So probably a total of 12-13 minutes in this "glitch," state.  

If I knew what would help, I'd try to capture an error log or something and will try next time if this issue is previously unknown, provided someone can instruct me on what would be helpful, and how to gather said helpful information. 

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!  I've told many friends and acquaintances about the usefulness of the Synergy app, and I always drive home the point that my investment in Synergy (along with my Dyson vacuum; Synergy, of course, existing at a much lower price point) was the best money I've spent in a long time!  Seriously, I don't believe I've referenced any other purchase with that label in the last 5 years (which in a shocking coincidence happens to be the amount of time in my Dyson warranty, which the one time I needed service, I called a random support number I found online, spent about 5 minutes total on the phone, was directed to a local repair shop with a "trouble ticket #," and had new parts installed in less than 24 hours...which is neither here nor there, but seriously, if you've ever thought "$300-500 is far too much to spend on a vacuum cleaner," you've never owned a Dyson). 

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What version of Synergy are you referring to?

I saw that you had several posts where you were under the impression that 1.8.8 stable was v2, which it is not. I just want to confirm so that I don't approve this post under the wrong category.

EDIT - I've approved it anyways, but if you're referring to anything that begins with "1.8.8-stable", it goes in the Synergy 1 forum.

To tell the difference between v1 and v2, look at the interface. If you see a window with a blue background and green squares on the grid for your computers, it is v2. If, on the other hand, you see a window denoting IP addresses, and allowing you to turn on/off SSL, etc, it will be v1.

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