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Lock screen = switch server?


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Is there any way of forcing one machine to always be the server, like in Synergy 1? It's driving me crazy.

I have two machines, one desktop —the server— and one laptop. The desktop uses Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the laptop uses Fedora 26, although that's not related to the issue. I use Cinnamon on both machines and cinnamon-screensaver to lock the screens. I have them set up so when I press the lock screen hotkey, a script runs the lock screen command also in the other machine, so I don't have to lock each of them separately.

Now, I found out that, even with Synergy 1, when locking the screen from the laptop the desktop wouldn't lock the screen until the mouse cursor entered the screen again, while locking from the server did lock both machines immediately. That's fine with me, I almost always just lock from the server anyway.

The problem is that Synergy 2 seems to switch the client-server roles when I lock the screen. It seems as if it detected that my desktop was locked and immediately set the laptop as the new server, which introduces two big annoyances for me:

  1. The laptop now doesn't lock itself immediately because, by becoming the new server, it waits for the mouse pointer to return to the screen.
  2. When I come back and unlock both machines —which, by means of my script, unlocks both machines at once— I have to open the Synergy app again, right click on the desktop machine and set it again as the server.

That happens every single time.

Is there a way of making Synergy 2 not switch servers around no matter what happens, like Synergy 1 did?

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I've already downgraded, but here are the logs. I've anonymized the machine names, IP addresses and auth tokens.

It got to the point where it just stops working until I re-open the app and tell it to share the keyboard and mouse on the server. It's been three times already just today. That's why I had to downgrade.




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