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Debian Testing (buster/10)


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I recently upgraded to buster to try and get the latest version of some software. Unfortunately this has caused a break in synergy both 1.8 and in 2.0. 

The issue I am running into is that not all key pressed are being passed to my windows client. For example, when I move the mouse from the debian host to the windows client. The first mouse click is executed on the machine even though the movement is occurring on the windows machine. 

I am able to type on both machines, but when I attempt to use meta functions such as alt+tab or Ctrl+alt+delete, these commands are being executed on the linux machine and not on the windows box. Even with the keyboard all other keys and the mouse movements being captured by the windows machine.

And the oddest problem of them all is that the mouse is only able to leave the screen when I have a full screen window open such as a web browser. If the program is not taking up the full screen, the mouse is unable to leave the linux box.

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I did some more reading and I forgot that weyland was now default in buster. I suppose this now boils down to when is wayland support planned for release in 2.0?


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