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Can't switch screen to client Windows 10 when client is on lock screen


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I'm using Synergy 2.0 stable with Mac as server and Windows 10 as client. I lock my mac once in a while and synergy locks Windows 10 client automatically, which is great! However when I come back I can't unlock both from Mac. Once I unlock Mac, Windows 10 goes back to lock screen but I can't move mouse over to Windows 10. I have to manually use the keyboard connected physically to Windows 10 to unlock, and then Synergy starts to work again.


Is Synergy 2 supposed to support this kind of workflow or is this a known bug?

EDIT - Actually, this works sometimes, just not reproducible every time. I guess it also depends on connectivity.

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same issue here.


Win10 (as Server) |  macOS 10.13 (as client)
Synergy is active and pc's are connected. 

Steps to reproduce:

1. Lock the Win10 machine
2. Set the Win10 machine to sleep moder (or hybernate, doesn't matter)
3. wake the Win10 machine again
4. if not yet happened move the mouse to the macOS machine


as soon as you left the Win10 screen the mouse is locked up somewhere on macOS
You can't move the mouse on macOS and you can't enter or do something on the Win10 machine


If you are stuck you can use Shift+Win(cmd)+alt + q to instant logout the macOS user. 
After this your mouse is back on windows, because synergy on mac is closed!!

Same behaviour on Synergy 1.8

Regards Canis

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I think I have the same issue. My work around is to use the touchpad/keyboard on my Macbook and VNC/Teamviewer my way back into my Windows 10 host computer and login to unlock the screen. Then the mouse/keyboard starts working again. I'm using Synergy 2.0.4 but had this issue back pre-Synergy 2.

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yep meanwhile I also use the VNC Workaround, cause I have a Mac mini and no touchpad. 

Support says they are working on it, we'll see :)

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