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Using Synergy while VPN'd

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Phillip Saindon
Hello, I have a laptop that I bring home from work to continue work in the morning and at night. While at home, I want to vpn my laptop into work so I have access to their intranet and internal servers, but I also want to have the laptop connected as a client via synergy to my personal home computer so I can have my mouse and keyboard inputs from my home PC(server) go to the laptop(client). This will prevent me from switching over my mouse/keyboard setup every time I need to work on something for work at home on the laptop(client). Unfortunately, the company only lets me connect my work laptop to the VPN, as it is a company machine, and rejects my home computer from connecting to the VPN. I can get everything setup and connected via synergy while I am not vpn'd in with my laptop. If synergy is working and setup, and I vpn in to the company on my laptop(client), the error I start getting on the client is: Warning: failed to connect to server: server is not responding Note: connecting to '': (repeat warning and note a couple times) synergyc.exe: a server address or name is required Try 'synergyc.exe --help' for more information. .... ERROR: could not get a session id from process id 2008 ... ERROR: failed to launch, error : process immediately stopped
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Kevin Kittredge
If for some reason, your work is using the 192.168.1.x subnet (unlikely, but if you work for a small company, it's possible) then you could change your home subnet. You can test if this is the case by connecting to your work network and running an ipconfig from the command line to see what your IP address is at work. Go into your router, and change the ip address of the router to something like and make sure the DHCP addresses that it's handing out is also in the same subnet. Otherwise, you'll have to work with your company's IT department to find out if there's a way to configure the VPN so that instead of routing all traffic through the VPN, it just gives you access to the work network. They may be unwilling to do this, though. If they are unwilling, I don't think you'll be able to use Synergy while VPNd.
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