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Mouse has different speeds


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Hello, I come from synergy 1, and got Synergy 2 for a lot of reasons, one of them was that I expected, since Synergy 2 is rewritten from scratch, that this problem would not be present. Long story short, if I move my mouse slowly on the client, the speed of the pointer depends on the direction I move it. I know this has been a bug since Synergy 1, and still is on Synergy 2. 

Here are some references aobut this bug on Synergy 1:



I know the devs are fully aware of this bug on Synergy 1, but I haven't seen anyone reporting it on Synergy 2.

Just to add more info at my particular problem:

Server: iMac 21.5 inch

Client: Windows 7 - High DPI setting.

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For the time being I can't take the time to test the build until I finish some other things, but I will certainly do when I have the time. Meanwhile, do I need to uninstall synergy 2 in both computers to run the build? and could you send me the link for the windows build? Thanks.

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