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Cluster Management

Sir Logic

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I like your idea of multiple configs, however I think you should rename it to Cluster Management or Clusters or Working Groups.

In addition to having multiple networks we connect to, me might have different working group clusters that we would want to connect to on the same network without accidently connecting to a different cluster on the same network.

I.E. I might step into one office and set my laptop down and connect to the cluster on that desk...  then I might get up with my laptop and walk down the hall to another desk/cluster and connect to that cluster while I am sitting at that desk but while being on the same network.

I should be able to save my position in each cluster and just be able to click on which cluster I want to be active on my laptop.

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Will your profile auto-switch feature detect which desk you are sitting at when you are in the same building on the same network?

For example, there is one office with Computer 1 and Computer 2 sitting on the desk.   I walk in with my laptop and sit down with my laptop,   I want to select that cluster which includes Computer 1, Computer 2 and My Laptop.    Then later, I get up and go down the hall to another desk taking My Laptop with me.    I then sit down with My Laptop at a desk containing Computer 3 and Computer 4.   These computers are on the same network with Computer 1 and Computer 2, and My Laptop is still connected to the same wireless network that it was on when I was sitting at the desk with Computer 1 and Computer 2.   However, now I want to switch My Laptop to the cluster containing Computer 3, Computer 4 and My Laptop.  So when I use the mouse and keyboard in front of me it is controlling the computers that are now in front of me.

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  • Synergy Team
1 hour ago, Sir Logic said:

detect which desk

What about an AI solution where it uses your webcam to figure that out? ;)

Seriously though, is there anything else that Synergy could use to detect the difference in location?

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Not that I know of....   Also if Desk Cluster 1 is not active, if somebody sits down at that desk while I am on Desk Cluster 2, I don't want them all of a sudden controlling my mouse pointer...  If Cluster 2 is active, all the other clusters should be de-activated.   Same goes for computers at other locations.   

In my situation I have 4 clusters.   2 at one location and 1 each at two other locations.   The computers that make up the clusters are always on and synergy will always be running on them.  And other people may use the computers when I am not using them.   So, I don't want the computers in clusters I am not currently using to have the possibility of controlling my mouse pointer...

Also, I have one main laptop that I always have with me and I also have a secondary laptop that I sometimes take along.

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