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Synergy uninstal error


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Hi Guys, 

I've been reading through the forum and can't find any post related to this. I can install and uninstall any other programs but trying to uninstal Synergy 2 give that error. Without doing the first step from the uninstal it don't allow me from deleting folder in ProgramData as described 

Anyone got a work around for this?

Many thanks 




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Ok I wasn't able to uninstall through App & features but uninstall through Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features > Uninstall worked 




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I'm having a similar issue but the method above did not work for me. I get this dialog box but I cannot find the msi file it's referring to. If try to point it towards the most recent download I receive the second dialog. Is it possible to download the older MSI file to try to uninstall?




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