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OSX Issues Helper install requested


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Each time I launch Synergy 2.0 I get asked to enter my admin password to install a helper.  I guess this is to help auto run the background tasks on launch... but it doesn't seem to do anything and it asks me each time. If I close the synergy window the app seems to close - but keeps operating. If I re-launch it I get the helper message again .. and the app initially tells me it can't contact the server and I need to refresh - even though its running and the network access is available.

Also side issue - why is the synergy window so big? Its slightly larger then my screen size, enough I can't read the text on the bottom of the window (I can see a little of the top and I know what it should say from my windows PC). Its as though the client was set to 100% screen height but did not take into account the top menu bar height pushing the window off the screen. If I try and move the window it snaps to the top, my only resizing options are to make it wider by griping either side - it seems to be at its smallest. I don't know why it has to be so big.. the window icons are relativly small. This is on a Macbook with 1680 x 1050 resolution (the native retina should be 1440 xx 900).

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This is the log after startup.

I normally have synergy running on my PC as host and laptop as client. When I close the laptop and move it to another network (home) then back again it was fine and transparently reconnected under 1.8.  Under 2.0 it doesn't do that it seems. Plus I can't get it to work at all now. Closing and restarting both clients.  There seems very little I can do as a user except keep restarting the app. no config control, it seems to me the issue is actually access to the 'cloud' servers and not internal as both are listed but the windows one has a running bar at the bottom.

I tried to restart the synergy service on windows and that killed it all together, reconnected / relaunched it in windows and it shows only the one local screen.

I'm going to roll back again to 1.8 as I can't spend a lot of time in my work environment messing around with this. I'll give 2.1 a go when it comes around I guess.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.22.46 am.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.32.21 am.png

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I have the same issue with my Mac as server every time I start the machine it asks for admin password to install that damn helper... tedious!

I also will be downgrading until this is fixed.

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