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Synergy crash on ubuntu 17.10


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If by "working now" you mean not crashing, yes it hasn't crashed since the crash right after booting.  If you mean does the product actually work, no it still doesn't.  

I just uploaded the log again, and went through the pain of switching (physically) the keyboard and mouse so that I could copy and paste the link: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-11-07/10262-2017-11-07T09-24-12.log

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So, I just installed the "stable" version, and it appears to have taken care of the crash after rebooting.  Still can't share, but at least it doesn't crash...

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  • Synergy Team
13 hours ago, jaap aarts said:

its a problem with their servers(again)

Hey everyone, this issue is now fixed. Sorry for the downtime. If you're still having issues, please email us (support@symless.com). You'll be glad to know that we're starting work on 2.1 now, which will have an offline mode. Also, the online mode will be far less reliant on the cloud. Only the bare minimum (activation and IP address exchange) will go through the cloud servers.

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