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A few things that I know:

  1. This is a beta
  2. Most of us here are more technical than the average end user
  3. The main focus of this is to get the meat and potatoes of this thing roasted to perfection (medium...anything more is blasphemy)

But for the love of anything that you deem worthy, can we get and update process created similar to that of one we would see in production?

I know that uninstalling and reinstalling is not that hard, but when you have spoiled me with the ability to be able to use one KB for all my machines and then to have to go back to when we were hunters and gatherers...

It does bad things to my soul. Very bad things.

Is there a reason we cannot have a link to update we can just click on each machine to have it download and install the proper update? As in RealPlayer or most other suites?

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  • Synergy Team

Synergy 2 is now out of beta. The early access forum is now locked.

Still need help? Please email us: support@symless.com

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