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Synergy2 - not managed to connect any workstations


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Hi there,

Have tried Synergy2 but it hasn't ever synced though I can see if getting the hostnames from the 'central' service?

I have a laptop (Mac) and Dual book Windows/Linux workstation.


Logs for Windows and Mac first.

Windows Log

Mac Log (10.11.6)

Ubuntu (17.10)


I have docker and various hypervisors installed on some of the systems and I'm wondering if that is causing any issues. I can see some connections are failing on the MAC to connect to the local service sometimes. Can I blacklist any interfaces that it binds to?




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  • Synergy Team

It's because of .local at the end of the hostname.

[ Core    ] [2017-11-05T16:53:23] NOTE: accepted client connection
[ Core    ] [2017-11-05T16:53:23] DEBUG: received client "GalaxyQuest.local" info shape=0,0 1440x900 at 617,437
[ Core    ] [2017-11-05T16:53:23] WARNING: unrecognised client name "GalaxyQuest.local", check server config
[ Core    ] [2017-11-05T16:53:23] NOTE: disconnecting client "GalaxyQuest.local"

We're aware of this bug, and have prioritized it. 

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