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Warning on windows sizing handles


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I observe while testing synergy 2 that sometimes it would work fine between my Ubuntu 17.10 server and my 16.04 client monitors. Suddenly it wouldn't work, and just as suddenly work again. This flakiness was associated with moving the mouse across the monitor boundary over an existing window but not over the desktop background. But sometimes not! 

Now that RC1 is working so nicely, further study shows that windows which have sizing handles that extend outside of the window proper will not allow the mouse to move to the client monitor if that window's edge is over the monitor boundary or even within the window edge plus the sizing handle's length to the monitor boundary. Windows without the extended sizing handle do not show this problem. Moving from the client to the server monitor shows no problem in any case, for me. For Ubuntu, Libreoffice Calc has the extended handles but the google chrome browser does not. Likely the size of the extended handle is configurable somewhere is the bowels of the OS, so YMMV.

I don't think is a bug in synergy2, rather it's an aberration introduced to make sizing easier with 1-pixel window boundaries. I'd prefer for synergy to account for the sizing handle. 

 However, here is the message: if you are testing synergy2, test moving the mouse crossing boundaries over the desktop not a window!


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