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client machine cannot tell right 'ctrl' key from left , only left


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The client machine (Fedora 26 with Wayland disabled - using Xorg) cannot tell the right 'ctrl' key is being pressed.

When I press the right 'ctrl' key in the server (macOS sierra10.12.6 (16G29)) the client behaves as if the left 'Ctrl' key was pressed.

there is absolutely nothing in the logs.

I verify this by running a VirtualBox VM on the client when it is not in seamless mode, it uses the right 'Ctrl' key to release the mouse. 

If I press the right 'Ctrl' key on the master keyboard, nothing happens. If I press the right 'Ctrl' key on a keyboard attached to the client machine, the VirtualBox VM releases the mouse.


I would also assume that the same problem happens for the right 'Shift' and 'Alt' keys

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