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Is there some sort of api for synergy?

I would like to switch from one screen to an other when I launch a script.

I'm using synergy under debian.

Thank you

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You can download the Synergy core, but besides there, there is no real "API" (for the people who don't know, that stands for application programming interface) that you can use to code your own addons to Synergy.

You can go into the Synergy core (available via git on Github) and modify the code to your heart's content and hope it runs, but we only provide support for the pre-made Synergy binary on the forums here. If you'd like to mess with the Synergy core, tinker to your heart's content, but make sure you are confident before you go around messing. Remember, keep backups!

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you could make your move x amount of pixels, its kind of a work around but should work(I just dont know how to do it, if possible at all)

you could post this under the synergy1/2 feature ideas forum.

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