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beta 5 - win server mac client WORKING


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This took a little bit to get working. I dont know what fixed it, but I reinstalled beta5 on the macos and a couple of reboots on both sides and couple network diagnostics later, synergy beta 5 is working without doing anything after rebooting both machines and logging into the OS. I know it's not a lot of help since I dont know how they connected, but it wasn't a lot of troubleshooting skills to get it done, just some elbow grease. 


Thanks Nick and team. 

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  • Synergy Team
14 hours ago, John Howard said:

Looks like i have a similar issue - upgraded from b4 to b5 and the application is crashlooping - going to try a reboot now.

Sometimes the background service gets into a bad state and you have to kill it manually. We're working on the bugs that cause this right now.

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