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Multi monitor server config help


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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me configure my newly purchased Synergy, as I'm having a bit of trouble finding examples that fit my scenario.

My layout is 3 server screens, 1 client screen. Left monitor is normal, middle is portrait, top right is client, bottom right is server. I'm hoping to get the mouse to transition over on the top right of the middle server monitor, and the top of the bottom right screen. I put arrows in my (very poorly) illustration below, to show how I want the mouse to work.

-----------------------      -------------------     -------------------
|      Server 1     |       |                    | <> |     Client       |
|                         |       |     Server    |      | ---------------- |
-----------------------      |          2        |      |        ^^          |
                                  |      Portrait  |      |    Server 3   |
                                   -----------------      -------------------


Is this possible?

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I'll add, if just one of the configurations is possible that would be awesome. Preferably the Server 2 portrait top right transition.

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Nevermind, I ended up just reorganizing my desk and moving Server #3 under Server #1, and now the transition is much more intuitive. 

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