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Client failed to connect to server: Timed out


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Everything in terms of IP seems to be in order however, the client wont connect to the server. In this instance the client is my laptop and the server my tower. However if i switch the roles it connects and works fine.

Both machines running the latest version of windows 10 pro 64 bit.

Both machines running the latest synergy download, for the correct system.59ea12f802f22_Screenshot(1).thumb.png.5d872940419d00d1e3d1308a2b180f47.pngUrgent help needed I have spent ages trying to figure this out and its now becoming extremely frustrating.





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I have the same exact issue, I bought Synergy 1 ages ago and i remember it didnt worked as expected earlier and i literally quit on it. Today i thought of giving it another try and surprisingly we have a new Synergy version 2 coming but its not free. So ultimately looking at the older version with a hope that it would work but nope, am not that lucky.


I have got a Mac Book Pro with latest macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6 (Right hand side) to which my keyboard and mouse is connected

and on my (Left hand side) I have a bit old Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) and they both don't work, I just get the same error message on both machines


"Client failed to connect to server: Timed out"

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If I understand the issue correctly, might I suggest you do the following. Un-install Synergy on both systems, ensure they are on the same network.  Then go back and install Synergy on your server and complete its setup.  Follow-up with install on the laptop--if that's your intended client, and complete its setup.  Go back to server and make sure it's connected to the network, with ip addresses properly identified. Hopefully, Synergy should be able to communicate with both systems and should then work fine.  Just a thought.

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