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Getting spinning green bars under my computer names - black boxes

Dave Smith

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First time trying synergy2. beta4. I'm not sure what I am supposed to see, or what messages are good.


I think the spinning bars under my computer name is not good. I do see my second computer (osx) as another black box, with its own green bar, that goes 1/3 of the way, then starts again.


What am I seeing, and what should I see?



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Dave, is Synergy working for you yet? What OS do you use?

By now I guess you have intuited that green images without animated progress bars show that both sides are connected.

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Not working for me yet.

Hosting on Linux, accessing a MacOS client.

When running synergyd as my regular user from a terminal, then running synergy2 from another terminal, I sometimes see a crash in synergyd:

[wamp_broker.cpp:111][process_publish_message] session [7090515283965860,default,open], publish [57, {}, synergy.service.log, ["[2017-10-16T14:20:27] debug: stopping core process\n"], null]
[wamp_broker.cpp:149][process_publish_message] session [2257228500326156,default,open], event [2, 8328462816652889, {}, ["[2017-10-16T14:20:27] debug: stopping core process\n"], null]
[rawsocket_transport.cpp:39][send_message] sending message: event

synergyd: /home/synergy/boost/include/boost/optional/optional.hpp:1117: boost::optional<T>::pointer_type boost::optional<T>::operator->() [with T = boost::process::child; boost::optional<T>::pointer_type = boost::process::child*]: Assertion `this->is_initialized()' failed.

What should I be looking for?

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I'm finding that the CWD of the synergd and synergy2 programs has to be /usr/bin/. Otherwise, I get execve messages about not being able to execute.

I have found that I got it to work once, with the Synergy2 program running on OSX, and both screens showed up Green and the mouse moved over, with the OSX machine in control. Now I have to try and reproduce it. :-)

synergyd and synergy2 both run as regular users, non-root, right?

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Added a question at the end
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