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macOS Connection Issue


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Hello! I hope I've done my research properly and this isn't a known bug, but I can't seem to find one, and it's now been happening to me since beta4 has come out and I want to make sure it gets some attention!

The issue I'm seeing is on one of my two mac machines (I am running Synergy beta between a MBP and a desktop iMac). The issue I'm seeing is the iMac has gotten "stuck", where it constantly has the green loading bar showing across it's desktop in the UI and never turns green. On my MBP, when I launch Synergy both are green immediately (even though the connection doesn't actually work).

I've tried several things to remedy this. First I reinstalled Synergy on the iMac. I then reinstalled on the MBP. I then reinstalled both simultaneously. All three types of reinstalls sadly changed nothing. I actually even had problems reinstalling, as on the iMac I had a hard time properly killing the processes to get the "corrupted" version deleted, before I could reinstall on top of it. 

I also followed the troubleshooting guide opening Activity Monitor up, and killing the appropriate processes (Synergy first, then synergy2). I found the only way to actually get the app to shut down was to launch a second Synergy instance (on the iMac) from the downloaded disk image (which would actually boot the UI, while the installed version would once quit not bring the UI up again since it was still "launched"). From this second Synergy instance, I could then kill both (the faulty one first), and then kill synergy2. After doing this, I was able to reinstall and launch my actual system image version of Synergy properly, but the same issue just reappeared, and once I quit to try a reboot of the app it wouldn't relaunch, causing me to try all these steps again.

I hope I've provided enough repro information, I've noticed this issue happened periodically on previous betas, but through restarts/reinstalls I was always able to get it working again prior to beta4. As others have posted, I'm very well aware this is a beta, and not upset about this -- just hope (and know, really) that it'll get better, and would love to see this issue fixed!

I'm happy to provide any additional information, and thanks to the Symless team for this beta, I really do love it when it's working (which has been more and more often since beta1 on which I started). 


- Benjamin Hendricks

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