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Secondary PCs screens not automatically turning off


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In Windows 10 I have my monitors turning off after 15 minutes of inactivity.  With Synergy 1 this worked fine...with Synergy 2 only my main PC's monitors now turn off automatically. 


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Hey Nick

Was looking at the forums for a post about "screen turn off time" before making my own.
I have my laptop next to my desktop (I've gone from BETA 4 to 5 to RC1) and the screen won't turn off after 5min (set in the energy management settings).

Is this a known issue?
I've been keeping an eye at the task manager and its not like synergy is taking any CPU (like the 50% CPU bug in version 1.x way back in time), once in a blue moon it will pop-up and take 0,1 or 0,2% CPU is this the reason why the screen won't turn off?

Is there a workaround or should we just wait for 2.1?

I guess ill make a bat-script that kills the synergy processes because when I now leave my laptop it won't lock (security measures) and won't turn my screen off. (battery drain)



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