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Use two keyboards and mice on two computers simultaneously?


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Is it supported now to use two keyboards on two computers simultaneously? I want to use any keyboard at my convenience, together with my mouse connected to my iMac, and the trackpad on my macbook.

My current configuration is a MacBook and a iMac, what I tried just now is:

  • Macbook keyboard, iMac mouse, controlling iMac (Working)
  • Macbook keyboard, Macbook mouse, controlling iMac (Working)
  • Macbook keyboard, iMac mouse, controlling Macbook (Not working)
  • Macbook keyboard, iMac mouse, cursor on iMac, typing on iMac (Working)
  • Macbook keyboard, cursor on iMac, move the cursor to macbook's screen using iMac's mouse (Not working)

Another problem is: it does not detect currently focused screen correctly, I cannot type on iMac while keeping my cursor on my Macbook.

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I have so little MAC experience I can't address this per beta 4. However, I have read Nick's comment that this will be one of the features of the final Version 2. 

When I was testing beta 4, my setup was Win 10 > Kubuntu> Win 7. With that setup, I was able to use 3 different keyboards and mouse combinations. The server stayed where designated. In Version 2 my understanding is that the server designation will shift to the K/M being used. I'm personally a little skeptical of that one. (don't tell Nick)

But I am puzzled by your last sentence. You want your mouse to be active on computer A while you are typing on computer B? Version 1 does so now. I am doing so as we type. But that is using the keyboard assigned to computer B. The server keyboard would stay with the mouse, over on computer A.

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I've still been mulling your idea of having a keyboard working on one computer while the mouse is on another. I wonder if the 'scroll-lock' key would do that for you. Put the mouse cursor on the screen you want, activate the 'scroll-lock' then type on your server keyboard.


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