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Synergy Lifetime License


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Hello there,

Back in 2014, I first purchased Synergy. I've been using it for some years already back then, but wanted to support the cause. It said Lifetime. Then SSL support was added with the PRO package. And even though I had Lifetime, I decided to upgrade, just to help the cause. This time, I was told that upgrading to Synergy Pro would make me eligible for all feature Pro-only features at no extra cost.

Now, since I've paid two times, and been promised lifetime features for the unforeseeable future: how do I go about and get Synergy 2?

Edit: I must specify, that my order confirmation mail only said Synergy Pro User, And not Synergy 1 Pro. But I can now see that Symless only sell Synergy 1 Pro licenses.

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There's no concrete information about anything to do with licensing from any previous Synergy licenses. I've done the digging and such already but to no avail. There have been a few of these posts as well, which never seem to go anywhere. If we lump them all together into one large one we might be able to actually get a proper answer though: 


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