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SYnergy2 /' Ubuntu 17.04

Daniel OBrien

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Daniel OBrien

Followed all the directions.... all I get when starting synergy is a a blue screen with a small square with my computer name on it.  both computer is the same... exept my other one is Mint 18 and I don't even get the little square in that one... just a blue screen.  The only option I have is QUIT.  Couldn't synergy 1 work alongside 2 in the meanwhile... stuck with synergy2 and yes I know is pre-beta but what is wrong with this?

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Just to clarify, are you asking to have Ver 1 on one computer and Ver 2 on another? Nope.

Version 1.8 works great on 17.04, I'm typing on it now, with a Win 10 and Win 7 (32). When I tried beta 4, it hated just my Linux box and was never expected to work with (32)bit machines. I had to drop back and wait for beta 5.

You're right about beta 4 being just incremental. Synergy beta 4 is not Synergy 2. it is an incompletely developed test version for beta testers to try and report back about. Many users have 'bought in' to the beta program and stepped back to the stable version 1 waiting for the full version 2 or to test the next beta, beta 5. They still, of course still have a financial consideration for the final version of Synergy 2. It should be on the market about the end of the year.

We're hoping for beta 5 very soon now. Give it a try again then.

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