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I'm getting an error on Arch Linux where the images do not load.


qrc:/ActivationPage.qml:65:21: QML Image: Binding loop detected for property "sourceSize.height"
qrc:/ActivationPage.qml:65:21: QML Image: Error decoding: qrc:/res/image/symless-signin-button.svg: Unsupported image format
"[ Config  ] [2017-10-12T21:10:37] DEBUG: current version is update to date" 


Screenshot from 2017-10-12 21-09-49.png

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I would wait for beta 5. beta 4 has been sketchy with MACs though several power users are using it and beta 4 really does not like Linux distros. Full connection layers have been/are being rewritten to make beta 5 work properly with Linux machines. We hear rumors that beta 5 will drop soon. I bet you will have a much better experience if you wait.

Synergy beta 4 is not Synergy 2. it is an incompletely developed test version for beta testers to try and report back about. Many users have 'bought in' to the beta program and stepped back to the stable version 1 waiting for the full version 2 or to test the next beta, beta 5. They still, of course, have a financial consideration for the final version of Synergy 2. It should be on the market about the end of the year.


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