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help user retro version windows 10 tablet use 32 bit os windows 8 64 bit


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my problem Buy 15 dollar promo synergy 2

acien possesion synergy 1 basic

windows 8 64 bit install  frist synergy 1 update synergy 2

how to lanch version synergy 1 for use a my tablet windows 10 32 bit version ?? 

synergy 2 server compatible synergy 1 client ?

how to conect  table synergy 1 32 bit win 10 ? in to synergy 2 64 bit win 8

my tablet Mediacom SmartPad ipro - M-IPROW810

tanks advance 

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Synergy version 1 and Synergy beta 4 are not compatible.

There is no Synergy 2 beta (32) bit. It's in the pipeline but not likely before late November. To have Synergy link your devices at this time you will need to use version 1. 

If you 'bought in' to the beta program, you will have some financial consideration when Synergy 2 is a viable product, likely before 2018. 

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