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Which URLs are accessed by Synergy 2.0? (Support and Feature Request)


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Support/Feature Request: My network URL filter was stopping synergyd from accessing because that site had not been categorized. I see that's at Digital Ocean, so I assume the IP address could change. What is the URL or hostname which is accessed by synergyd, so that those of us behind corporate firewalls can permit the traffic through without having to chase future IP address changes? Are there other URLs or hostnames/ports/protocols which the processes access which need to be whitelisted on edge-facing firewalls?

For reference, I installed Synergy 2.0, saw a good TCP/443 connection out to an Internet host from one of the processes, then the logs in Synergy (accessed via the ` key) showed the following.

Feature Request: Include the hostname/IP address of the remote host to which you're trying to connect in the following logs, so network/firewall admins can track the connection down and permit it through.

[ Service ] [2017-10-11T11:44:29] debug: retrying websocket connection now
[ Service ] [2017-10-11T11:44:29] debug: connecting websocket
[ Service ] [2017-10-11T11:44:29] debug: tcp session ssl handshake error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
[ Service ] [2017-10-11T11:44:29] debug: websocket connect failed
[ Service ] [2017-10-11T11:44:29] debug: retrying websocket connection in 3s

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