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No way to configure

Jason D

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I installed on my Ubuntu desktop first (server) and my Windows laptop second (client).

When I open it, all I see is a single square with my hostname. This is true on both machines. The laptop has a green square, the desktop is a black square. 


Ubuntu desktop, server: 

Interesting bit: 

[ Config  ] [2017-10-11T09:03:27] ERROR: Reply status code: 400
[ Config  ] [2017-10-11T09:03:27] ERROR: Reply error message: Invalid JSON request: bad numeric conversion: negative overflow

Windows laptop, client:


[ Service ] [2017-10-11T09:02:55] debug: no server has been established yet, using first screen
[ Service ] [2017-10-11T09:02:55] error: can't choose a server, no screens in config

Also, it looks like it's using the default port, can that be changed? There's a lot of people on my network that used synergy 1 and I would randomly get autoconfig requests, so I started using my own port. 

Screenshot from 2017-10-11 09-09-40.png

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The ubuntu server part can fixed - take a look at the troubleshooting guide and follow the instructions it gives for linux - that will fix that issue (I had the same issue)

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