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Computers not Connecting

Surfing Bob

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I have a laptops and a desktop both connected to the same IP range.  They are both corporate machines using McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0.0.  In Synergy 1 it was only possible for Synergy to work if I added an exception to the server machine to allow traffic to and from synergys.exe.  With Synergy 2 even if I disable HIPS on both machines there are no signs of the computers even attempting to talk to each other.   I've installed it on a third test laptop that and the same issue is present.

I am seeing TCP connections to  It is currently uncategorized and blocked by our Palo Alto appliance.  Are computers no longer communicating with each other over the local subnet and instead going thru this IP?  Would it be possible to get more information on what traffic is being communicated with this IP? 

Also in this log I'm seeing a lot of these errors:

ERROR: Reply error message: Invalid JSON request: bad numeric conversion: negative overflow




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