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Mac function keys on windows


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I'm mostly a mac user but for some programs i have to use windows. I have a separate windows machine at my desk.

I have an external monitor for my macbook pro and I mainly use it in clam-shell mode, with a wired mac keyboard.

I wanted to use my win 10 pc as a server so i hooked up my mac keyboard and managed to install part of apples boot camp app so i have my volume, and other media keys working as if installed windows on a mac.

Now, the problem is that when i use synergy and my mac is a client my keyboards function keys don't work when im over at os x.

Does anybody have a similar problem or a solution for this?

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Hi, I've just installed fabulous Synergy, and I'm in the same situation (running Win-PC as Synergy server for Mac). Here's a web page at Microsoft support that seems to be useful: "PC keyboard on a Macintosh". 

Turns out that the Windows key works as the Command key. So "Win+Shift+3" works as COMMAND+SHIFT+3 and so on...

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Did you try:

use a little software that emulates the apple keys (like macomfort or else) - the result for me was: i can use any keyboard for both machines (mac & win)

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