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Synergy 2 Stopped working, i fixed it (for me)


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I have used Synergy 2 between Win and Mac for about 1-2 Days. Then it just stopped working. 

After a lot of fiddling i found a way to fix it for me:

On both maschines you need to delete the .conf from synergy 2. 

On Windows it is: %appdata%/../Local/Symless/Synergy/

On Mac it is /Users/<user>/Library/Logs/Synergy/

after deliting i started both fresh. 

On Windows its just stopping and starting the service again. 

On mac you need to force-kill first Synergy, then synergy2. Both should automaticly restart after that. (In the Activity Monitor)

I will see how long it will work for me, and if it happens again i send log and corrupted config to Symless (deleted them, sry) But at least, i hope i can help some out there to find a solution for their porblems.

Ps: Sorry for bad english


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