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MAC OS and Windows 7 Synergy 2 stopped working


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I downloaded the new Beta 4 on my MAC and on my Windows 7 machine.  It was working great for about 20 minutes and then suddenly stopped.  When I try to move my mouse over to the Windows 7 machine it just won't go over.  Very strange.

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Should have sent the log file.


[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:06] ERROR: failed to start crash handler: Couldn't verify crash dump directory: No such file or directory

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:06] INFO: log filename: /Users/Paul/Library/Preferences/Symless/Synergy/synergy.log

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:06] DEBUG: connecting to service

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:06] DEBUG: connected to service

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:07] DEBUG: new added screen pos: 257 161

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:09] DEBUG: current version is update to date

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:09] DEBUG: requesting profile snapshot

[ Service ] [2017-10-10T15:09:09] debug: sending last profile snapshot

[ Service ] [2017-10-10T15:09:09] debug: config ui opened, forcing connectivity test

[ Service ] [2017-10-10T15:09:09] debug: new screens detected (2), preparing connectivity test

[ Service ] [2017-10-10T15:09:09] debug: handling local profile screen set changed, mode=client

[ Config ] [2017-10-10T15:09:09] DEBUG: Profile ID: 5831 name: default

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