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Linux (Ubuntu) synergyd crashes on synergy2 startup

Jason Parker

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Every time I start synergy2, synergyd crashes.  After than, I can restart the daemon fine, but nothing is ever able to connect.

[rawsocket_transport.cpp:39][send_message] sending message: event
synergyd: /home/synergy/boost/include/boost/optional/optional.hpp:1117: boost::optional<T>::pointer_type boost::optional<T>::operator->() [with T = boost::process::child; boost::optional<T>::pointer_type = boost::process::child*]: Assertion `this->is_initialized()' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

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Jason, beta 4 hates all Linux distros. My Kubuntu included. I've backed down to version 1.8 to have Synergy in my systems until beta version 5 shows up. Anxiously scanning the horizon.

That rant out of the way, there are Linux power-users that have figured out how to make beta 4 work for them. Read over the troubleshooting stickies at the top of this forum. Start with this one: 

Keep us updated. Scan over some of the posts that mention a Linux. Lots of hair pulled out. The rumor mill has predicted beta 5 to drop this week, this month, and this year. I'd bet one of those is right. If you just throw up your hands and want a refund,  refunds@symless.com   will respond promptly. But if you just drop back to a stable version, you still have some financial consideration coming when the final version 2.0 is released. 




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None of what I've found on these forums has prevented the daemon from crashing.  Shockingly, however, I discovered while trying to get a better debug trace that running synergyd in gdb stops the crashing.

After an hour of restarting clients and daemons in random order and pressing F12 a bunch in different places, I finally managed to get two systems to go green, and I can move the mouse between them.  With any luck, it might keep working if I don't ever touch anything.

There's still the issue of a system showing up in the list twice (probably because it has multiple IPs?), but I'll ignore that for now.

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